Rock Band (Review)

Exeposé 539 (part of a collaborative review, my remit lying in the role of lead vocals)

Music was never my forte – my knowledge of the art is limited to whatever Terry Wogan plays every morning and the lyrics to the Pokémon theme. Go ahead – judge me. But even I enjoyed the experience of being lead vocalist in Rock Band.

The most important thing about singing is that you have to seriously “get into” it. When the pleasingly-realistic microphone was first thrust into my quaking hand, my resultant noises sounded most like the timid mating cries of a tortoise, and didn’t go down so well with either my band-mates or the game – we failed spectacularly. But as time goes on your confidence grows, and you start hitting the right notes and having a whale of a time. One particularly generous aspect of the game is the occasional moment of free-styling, resulting in cries of “GOOD MORNING DETROIT” passing instinctively from my lips. It’s good fun all round.

But in order to get the most out of the experience the singer really has to know the song’s lyrics. My musical knowledge, as I have said, is rooted in decades so old they border on archaeological, and so the particularly modern selection of tracks we encountered posed a problem. The fact that we are receiving a general European release, too, results in some “interesting” experiences – when you’re suddenly presented with a rapid German ditty, you’re left simply staring inanely at the screen mouthing incoherent guttural sounds.

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