Scene It (Review)

Exeposé 236

The latest in Microsoft’s attempts to widen the Xbox’s appeal, Scene It is a movie-based quiz game whose claim to fame is being a poorly-designed Buzz clone.

Using the provided big-buttoned controllers, players compete in answering questions based around a bizarre selection of films; for some reason, my copy has an odd fixation with Drew Barrymore and soppy rom-com Sixteen Candles.

The game boasts graphics which were considered outdated 10 years ago and an ever-irritating announcer who seems to select one random player at the beginning of the game to consistently demean continually until the game is over. Customisation is oddly lacking, although the rounds themselves frequently ignite some entertainment, even if they are a mixed bag.

Fun can be had if you ignore the dire presentation and are playing with three fellow film fans, however for everyone else, and please pardon the pun, we’ve Scene It all before.


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