Top 5 Most Violent Games

Exeposé 538

A wise man might argue that videogame violence is perfectly healthy, ensuring that our deepest darkest psychopathic desires are vented and do not seep into normal society. On the other hand, sometimes developers just go a bit mental and throw in buckets of gore into a game for a laugh.

5. GTA: San Andreas
The usual GTA escapades aside, San Andreas took a giant leap into the world of psychosis by seriously upping the gore ante; legs, arms and torsos could all be blown off in a gleeful fountain of claret. Of course, this option could be disabled in the main menu but parents never look too deep into these things to actually bother.

4. Manhunt
This cheery game essentially saw you walking through shadows and killing men with random stuff you find whilst Brian Cox whispers sweet nothings in your ear. One particularly standout moment saw you actually wrench a man’s head off with a plastic bag (which explains why I’m not allowed in Tesco anymore).

3. Postal 2
Hoo boy, this was mental. Postal 2 sees you literally “go postal,” chopping up bodies with machetes before urinating on them and setting them alight. And that’s just to get to the front of the Post Office queue. The franchise is currently being adapted into a film by noted hack Uwe Boll. Unfortunately.

2. Soldier of Fortune
A franchise sold almost entirely on its realistic corpses was always going to make this list. Jaws are shot off, torsos torn asunder and brains blown out of every orifice you can name. By the end, the twitching, fevered player feels like some demented butcher king. Or a certified psychotic.

1. Turok 2
Cerebral Bore. That’s the name of a little device which homes in on enemies’ skulls, latches on and sucks out their brains. Other weapons include mines which cut off the legs of your opponents and a crossbow which can literally bust a hole in their ribcages. How can this not be number one?

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