Last Night (Review)

Fortean Times 269

What would you do if you found out that the world was to end in six hours? That’s the question underpinning Canadian dir­ector Don McKellar’s 1998 feature debut, an intimate examination of how different people spend their final few hours which impresses in its heartfelt sincerity, warm humour and excellent performances.

It’s a distinctly Altmanesque affair, especially in its impressive ensemble cast, with Sandra Oh and David Cronenberg (in one of his sadly rare acting roles) standing out in particular. McKellar, who also stars, may not be the greatest actor in the world – stumbling around Toronto bleary-eyed and muttering – however his emotionally wounded architect certainly endears.

The intertwining fates of the characters are well plotted, effectively capitalising on the strong premise and delivering a largely convincing portrayal of humanity at the brink of Arma­geddon. Lean, novel and touching in spite of obviously limited production values, Last Night is an excellent way to wile away your last 95 minutes.


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